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When a business is faced with a situation that could cause significant publicity, legal and financial exposure, it has to focus on the running of the business more than ever before. With the help of Fernandez Garcia Law you are free to continue focusing on your business.


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    Our professional crisis management attorneys are more than capable of being able to handle the problems that arise in a crisis, no matter what it demands. When you are dealing with a criminal investigation, Fernandez Garcia Law is well-versed in assisting the leading businesses to prepare and respond to a crisis while minimizing legal exposure. We also work hard to protect the reputation of your organization along the way.

    Crisis Management Attorney, Morristown NJ

    Many of our clients come to us needing help with a crisis, and they come to us because of the swift movement we make towards a sound resolution for all involved. Our plans are strategically tailored towards our client and their circumstances, and we have more than thirty years’ experience in providing our clients with a successful outcome. We advocate on your behalf politically, legally, in business and in public relations.

    Whether you are dealing with a crisis internally, or you are being affected by external events, our crisis management attorney will enable you to focus on the business objectives that will keep your business going. While you do that, we will manage your crisis to the best possible outcome.

    Prevention is key when it comes to crisis management, and we offer a proactive approach toward the crisis that could arise. We monitor the changes in business practices while monitoring your internal function. This enables us to give you the best possible chance to address any crisis approaching and cut them off before they escalate. We will help you to draft crisis management plans that make sense for the potential crisis ahead.

    Our attorneys have specialized backgrounds that offer you professional legal advice. We have spent years developing our strategy to assist you, and we are uniquely qualified in dealing with issues relating to crisis management.

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    There is no room for panic in a crisis with your business. You do not have to face a PR nightmare when Fernandez Garcia Law is on your side and able to assist you. We work hard to bring you smoothly through a crisis, threatened or otherwise, and enable you to continue your efforts without a PR nightmare to untangle.

    When you choose Fernandez Garcia Law, you are choosing to work with a law firm that is well practiced in all areas of crisis management. Our crisis management attorneys will be able to handle your case sensitively, professionally and with discretion. We can guide you efficiently through the crisis and the legal process behind it confidently, and we will always push for the right outcome for your business.

    We believe that the service that we offer is second to none, with our years of experience and our reputation preceding us. We are committed to you, offering every avenue for resolution possible based on your case. Your rights, your reputation and your business all matter; and with our help, you can ensure that they continue to matter.

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