Changes in Employment Law: What NJ Employers Need to Know

Changes in Employment Law: What NJ Employers Need to Know


The State of New Jersey has seen a flurry of legislative upheaval in recent years affecting New Jersey Employers in myriad ways. This article explores recent changes in New Jersey’s employment law and explains what these shifts mean for employers in the NJ business community. Stay on top of lawful practices by understanding the vital alterations that could impact your company.

Significant Changes in the Employer-Employee Relationship

The last few years ushered in an entirely new landscape for New Jersey employment law. These changes resulted in a significant shift concerning the relationship between employers and employees in the state.

  1.  Legislators have heightened the emphasis on protecting employee rights. New laws now exist addressing wage theft, family leave reforms, and  employment contracts.
  2. New legislation, regulations and case law have been adopted regarding independent contractor status and employee misclassification.

New Jersey’s Wage and Hour Law Changes

The recent changes also significantly impact wage and hour laws, an area of significant concern for New Jersey employers.

  1. New Jersey’s minimum wage: NJ’s Minimum Wage Act has increased wages throughout the last few years.
  2. Wage theft laws: penalties imposed for  violations of the Wage Theft Act are significant.

Freelancers and the ‘Gig’ Economy

The status of independent contractors and freelancers have also undergone significant changes.

  1. Employee Misclassification: New Jersey’s Task Force on Employee Misclassification released recommendations regarding contractors, calling for stricter enforcement of classification laws.
  2. ABC test :  The ABC test has become the  standard for  classification of workers and has become a growing concern for employers.

FAQs About Changes in New Jersey Employment Law

Have there been recent changes in NJ family leave laws?

Yes, NJ has expanded family leave laws offering greater protections to employees needing time off for family matters.

Are there new laws regarding NJ minimum wage regulations?

Yes, the NJ minimum wage is being gradually increased to $15.13 per hour.


These critical changes in New Jersey employment law indicate a trend towards additional employee protections. It is increasingly important for employers to keep abreast of these changes and to ensure they are in compliance in order to avoid costly legal issues and maintain a healthy and harmonious workplace.


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