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Stopped by the police? When summons are issued you face potential points and potential surcharges. Here at Fernandez Garcia Law we have over thirty years of experience working to resolve legal matters for clients, including speeding and NJ traffic tickets.

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    elizabeth nj lawyersWhen most people receive a traffic violation from a police officer, they accept it, pay the fine and take the points on their license. They believe that they either have no defense or the fine is the end of the matter. This is simply an incorrect assumption.

    At Fernandez Garcia Law, we know that some cases are defensible or most cases can be subject to a plea.

    Traffic violations are common in Elizabeth NJ. People receive tickets for all kinds of reasons, running a red light, turning right on red and speeding. Simply paying a ticket may subject you to points on your license as well as costly insurance surcharges.

    An attorney can defend you against an action and can possibly prevent you from either having to pay a fine or receiving points on your license. While a single violation is problematic, multiple alleged traffic violations can lead to even more serious consequences, such as a license suspension. It is imperative that you have legal professionals on your side who can help you defend against traffic violation charges and maintain your clean driving record.

    Traffic Violation Defense

    Have you been convicted of a traffic offense in the past, such as speeding? Have you recently received another ticket from a police officer or law enforcement agency, putting your license at risk?

    If so, our attorneys can help. Courts impose additional fines and penalties for repeat offenses. You could find your driving privileges suspended and you being unable to get to work. The good news is that you, in most cases, have several options. Fernandez Garcia Law will fight for you. At Fernandez Garcia Law, our experience has taught us that there are defenses to most charges.

    Many of our clients in Elizabeth NJ, are surprised to learn that they have a defense against a traffic violation. While law enforcement agencies will always strive to obtain a guilty finding, they sometimes make mistakes. Let us review your matter and help you.

    How We Help You Resolve Traffic Offenses

    At Fernandez Garcia Law, we employ an aggressive strategy to help you resolve traffic offenses in Elizabeth NJ. Our proactive legal approach first investigates the circumstances of the alleged violation in-depth, collecting as much information about the incident as possible. We then use the legal and procedural tools available to us to defend the case against you.

    We will appear in court on your behalf. We will also use our experience and expertise to look for ways to enter a favorable plea. If your case goes to trial, we will continue to provide you with our aggressive defense. We use all of the resources available to increase the likelihood of an outcome that favors you.

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